Announcing Materiality, Issue 1: THE BOOK

The inaugural issue of Materiality will be about the book – mostly because I’ve been stewing endlessly over what form this magazine should take, in this digital age!

Traditionally, books have been made from all sorts of materials, including paper, parchment, cardboard, wood, thread, leather, glues, decorated papers (paste papers, marbled papers), ink, illumination. And of course digital books, in their physical form, are made from metal, plastic and glass. These materials behave and inspire in multitudes of ways, influencing how we use and interact with text.

I’d love for you to contribute – if you’re interested, see the Materiality page for a bit about style and so on. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to talk over an idea!

I intend to publish the magazine digitally and in a limited edition hard copy. I’d like to include material samples in the book as well.

Submissions are due by 31 March 2012.

Creative non-fiction, memoir, fiction, photo essays, poems, diagrams, prints, comics etc are all welcome. There should be a limited number of colour pages available but black & white is appreciated! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Cookbooks – food-spattered, falling apart, annotated, inextricably linked with memory.
  • Artist’s books – infinite variations of paper and text; how do materials influence form?
  • Le parfum des book – horrid or divine? What makes books smell?
  • The new binding: e-readers, their construction, personalisation & decoration.
  • Textbooks – An historic tradition about to undergo a revolution in form?
  • Naughty books, dangerous books, banned books, stolen books (or books borrowed for so long they may as well be considered ill-gotten goods).
  • Ephemeral books – comics, magazines, zines, books you wrote as a child made from computer paper and staples.
  • The pleasures and challenges of a blank page – notebooks & our intense personal preferences. (Mine: no lines, cream-coloured paper, plain wrappers).
  • The history, manufacture & deterioration of any of the materials used to make books.