Update on issue one of Materiality: THE BOOK

The first issue of Materiality is going to be dedicated to THE BOOK and all the various materials, genres & formats that make up this wonderful type of THING. So far I have creative pieces by @spikelynch and @ARPY_, @slimejam and @matchtrick both have things cooking and I’ve wheedled other people into writing me non-fiction pieces about moveable type (@girlprinter), the manufacture of parchment, paper-making around the world, cook books (@theladybaker), pop-up and mechanical books and the phenomenon of prize books.

I’m getting pretty excited about it. I’d still like to include pieces about artists’ books, ink, textbooks, the FUTURE of the book (ie digital formats – it would seem remiss not to), book covers, naughty books and forbidden or banned books. Pieces don’t have to be long or encyclopaedic – I’d like to have a “shorts” section like Meanjin does.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk over an idea – either over on twitter, or by email (chiefnantucket AT gmail.com).

Submissions for the inaugural edition of Materiality are due by March 31.

Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management