It’s World Book Day! No really, it is this time.

Earlier this year I got all excited because I thought it was World Book Day. I was in error – I think I saw an out-of-date tweet that was retweeted (you know how it is) and in any case referred to the UK’s “World Book Day” (??), held on March 1.

But April 23 really truly is World Book Day, UNESCO has decreed it to be so. They picked April 23 as it’s the date commonly supposed to mark the deaths of Cervantes and Shakespeare (how jolly!). In 2012 they are especially celebrating book translations and the Index Translationum, a bibliographic index of all books that have been translated around the world. (I think it would have been better if they’d called it the Translatorium but never mind).

Also if you happen to be near in Yerevan, Armenia get ready to party because it’s been designated World Book Capital for 2012. (Next year it’s Bangkok).

So happy World Book Day, everyone. Be nice to your books.

Be gentle with your books.