Anatomy of the book: some binding styles

Finally! We get to actual binding styles! There are heaps. Here are just a few:

A half binding. Because, see, the leather kind of covers half of the book, if you squint a little. (The spine edge and the corners). I made this book! No really I did. NB those bands are totes fake.

A quarter binding. You still have to squint, but you can see there’s less leather around than for a half binding. Just on the spine, in fact. I didn’t make this book it was a gift (you can tell I didn’t make it because it is a lot nicer than the other one). Cat not included.

A hollow-back binding. This means the spine of the cover is not adhered to the text block, creating a hollow between the two. (The other thing is the dust jacket). This means everything can move much more easily. Not related to a hollaback girl.