Call for submissions! Materiality No. 2: Time

With Materiality No. 1 nearly at the press (nearly) I thought it was time to announce the theme of the next issue.

The concept of “time” encompasses many material things. There are of course all those ingenious timekeeping devices we’ve invented: sundials (and other shadow clocks), water clocks, candle (and incense!) clocks, the hourglass, bells, mechanical and digital clocks and watches, atomic clocks, and so on. How were they made, how do they work, and how did the available technology affect their construction? Who owned and used them? What new things did they allow us to do?

Human history has been divided into various material ages: stone, bronze, iron, plastic. What material developments brought about these changes? How did they change our societies?

Then there is the issue of how materials are changed by time. What are the effects of time on paintings? On clothes, film, taxidermy specimens, digital media? How can the effects of time be slowed, sped up? How does a material’s physical structure and integrity change with time? How does this change affect its meaning and significance? How has the effect of time influenced our choice of materials, and thus our society?

Questions, questions. I can see scope for some really nice photographs of worn stone steps and dilapidated buildings, btw. Also maybe even some Doctor Who fan fiction, though I should probably check the copyright implications of that.

Submissions due by 29 March 2013 for June publication. Fiction, verse, comics, photographs and artwork, essay, profiles (“The object of my affection”, perhaps?) and interviews all welcomed. I’ll even consider a nice flowchart or a photo essay on the cuckoo clock. Page size 265 x 200mm (h x w). Word counts from about 500-3,000. Send your submissions to chiefnantucket at Please include a bio of a few lines, including any contact information you’d like to make available. Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss an idea.

Contributor payments: shorter pieces (up to about 1000 words or one page) are paid $10, medium pieces $20 (1000-2000 words or up to three pages) and longer pieces $30 (2000+ words or more than three pages). Every contributor also receives a copy of the magazine.

Hickory dickory dock/ I shoulda photoshopped a mouse onto the clock


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