What’s in Materiality No. 1 anyway?

The first issue of Materiality has been launched, and is even for sale! (Only $10!). But what does it contain? Many things, by excellent people. Here is the table of contents, for your perusal:

  • A not-so-brief Editorial and a list describing The stuff of books.
  • Editor—a poem by Anna Ryan-Smith; photograph by Gil Fewster
  • Bookworms—a short story by Mike Lynch about troublesome book hoarders of the future.
  • To little books—a poem by Ashley Ng
  • When words soar through air—an essay by Kelly Gardiner about banned books.
  • Words in Their Hands: Craft and the Type-Racing Craze of 1886—an essay by Carolyn Fraser about competitive type-setting and the coming of the Linotype machine.
  • The at least Fourteen Horsemen of the Bookpocalypse—a short story by Mat Larkin, in which the agents of destruction band together to destroy the paper book once and for all.
  • In Praise of Appollinaris—a short piece by Peter J Casey, about…reading on the toilet.
  • Reading in toilets—a short piece by Mark Lawrence, about…reading on the toilet.
  • A lady in the littlest room—by A Lady, also about reading on the toilet, how disgusting.
  • William Blades lends a book to a friend—a letter uncovered by Chris Miles, from noted bibliophile William Blades.
  • The art of spontaneous pleasure: Exploring the pop-up and movable book—Albertine Hamilton tells it how it is, with some cute diagrams to boot!
  • The prize is the proof—an essay by Alice Cannon, about her lack of prize books and how deeply unfair it is she only ever won one.
  • The crumbs between the pages—an piece by Em Hart, on the pleasures of cookbooks.
  • Birth of a dictionary: An interview with Douglas C Blood—and not just any old dictionary, a veterinary dictionary!
  • Recollections: Cookery the Australian Way—a look back at this classic and enduring cookbook by one of its authors, Shirley Cameron.
  • A search for mobility—Sarah Caldwell reflects on the challenges of moving house with books.
  • The artist and the book—book artists Gracia & LouiseCaren Florence, and Nicholas Jones reveal why they are drawn to the book as an artistic medium and what they look for when choosing materials for their work.
  • Behind the wall—a photo-essay by Sally Hart, reflecting on how books allow the secrets of architectural structures to be revealed.
  • England—another poem by Anna Ryan-Punch, with more of Gil Fewster’s photographs.
  • Have fibre, will travel—Helen McPherson shares her international paper-making adventures.
  • Size MattersKirsty Leishman outlines why the size of a newspaper actually does make a difference to the content therein.
  • How to read a broadsheet on the train—detailed instructions, by Mike Lynch.
  • The age of parchment—is parchment the greatest substrate ever known to man? Libby Melzer argues in the affirmative.

Plus there is a bonus zine inside the back cover! If all this sounds of interest to you, perhaps you might want to purchase a copy of your very own over in the pinknantucket press shop!


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