Get your crank on! Issue 1 of Crank is now for sale!

We are pleased to announce the release of the very first issue of Crank!

Crank is a sort of extended “letters to the editor”—a magazine in which one can air petty annoyances, obscure conspiracy theories and general arguments about what is wrong with the world.

In this issue, read Chris Miles on the evil that is “www.”, Jenny Sinclair on sources of annoyances at music festivals, David Sornig’s issues with the use of sunlight as a metaphor in song lyrics, and the lessons Mat Larkin learned from a particularly tricky “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. Other topics of author’s ire include poor quality shoelace aglets, icing turds, astrology, singing soap stars, and pandas.

We think Crank is the perfect read for everyone from the slightly grumpy to the total misanthrope. Perhaps you can think of someone or even several people who would enjoy a copy as a present! Actually, to be on the safe side you should probably buy them all two copies, so that after they tear up one copy in a fit of rage they still have another one to read.

You can purchase Crank as a hard copy + digital file bundle for $4.99 or in digital only form for $0.99. So much for so little! Visit the pinknantucket press shop and add it to your cart!

File formats available on purchase: pdf, epub, mobi. NB: The hard copy may not be entirely spittle-proof.

Fabulous cover image by @spikelynch. Pomegranates not included with purchase.

Fabulous cover image by @spikelynch. Pomegranates not included with purchase.