From Materiality #1: Editor, by @ARPy_ (& image by @gilfer)

Weeks of pdf scoured gratis

scored in half and bent-cornered

in a handbag. Divided

unpublished loyalties

between printouts and payouts.

Stapled manuscripts liberate speech

into playtime. Don’t say lol

or omg in a cashed-up epistle.

These skills wield a mightier pen

rattle out tenses and dangle

carrots over better pages.

Free up a cramped paragraph

sear it strobe-lit into a reading mind.

Harbour every word, it bleeds out

open up my wrists and begin to cough

when the last red slice pumps dry.

Exsanguinated pen rests white

and trembling at the final stop.

Anna Ryan-Punch is a Melbourne poet and reviewer. Her previous publications include poetry in WesterlyThe AgeQuadrantOverlandIsland and Wet Ink. She also blogs at

Image by Gil Fewster. Gil takes photos, tweets too much and sings off-key. He has a day job but not a very interesting one. His photos are for sale at and

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