The Century Chest: another neat time capsule

In the lead-up to our own time capsule party (the launch of Materiality: TIME, 20 September at the Sticky Institute), we thought it would be nice to put up some links to neat time-related projects and news. So here’s the first: the ‘Century Chest’, buried below a Oklahoma City church in 1913, was recently retrieved and opened and was found to contain all sorts of interesting things in excellent condition! It took 11 hours to dig up (it was buried under a fair bit of concrete) and contained shoes, hats, newspapers, a significant pen, a variety of Native American artifacts, and a phonograph recording of people of the time. The time capsule was prepared as part of a fundraiser for the church organ. Everything appears to have been very nicely wrapped (brown paper packages wrapped up in string!), and the copper chest successfully prevented water damage.

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Everything looks pretty good, doesn't it? From the Laughing Squid website.

Everything looks pretty good, doesn’t it? From the Laughing Squid website.

See the article at Laughing Squid for more pictures of the contents.