Christmas present ideas from pinknantucket press contributors! Today: @gracialouise!

Artists Gracia + Louise have been very good to pinknantucket press – they contributed a piece about their working methods to BOOK, those lovely flip-book illustrations to TIME and one of their lovely collage works will adorn the front cover of PRECIOUS. Gracia + Louise have an online shop where you can purchase beautiful limited edition prints, zines and cards. What’s more, at the moment they are having a 25% off sale! May I suggest A catalogue of bodies for the Agatha Christie fan in your life ($12), One moonlit night for someone who likes tigers and whose walls are a bit bare ($40) or a set of greeting cards for stationery addicts ($22.50).

A detail from "One moonlit night with little to no prospect of success", by Gracia + Louise, 2010 (from their website).

A detail from “One moonlit night with little to no prospect of success”, by Gracia + Louise, 2010 (image from their website).

Yayyy presents! Of course if this is not enough you can also buy things from the pinknantucket press shop – issues of Materiality and Crank (perhaps a bundle might suit?) and original drawings by Helen Gill (featured in Materiality: TIME).