Christmas present ideas from pinknantucket press contributors! Today: @kmjgardiner

Kelly Gardiner wrote an article on banned books for the first issue of Materiality (When words soar through air), and has also written something for the soon-to-be-released PRECIOUS. She is also the author of a number of books, any of which would make excellent Christmas presents. I can personally recommend Act of Faith but I have yet to catch up on its sequel, The Sultan’s Eyes (RRP $19.99). Why not buy them from Embiggen Books or Readings, both of whom stock pinknantucket press publications.

Or if you want to give something more extravagant, why not enrol someone in Kelly’s upcoming Writers’ Victoria workshop? It’s called The Old and the New: Historical Writing for Young Audiences, and cost $180 for non-members. It is bound to be excellent.

Cover illustration for "The Sultan's Eyes", stolen from the internet.

Cover illustration for “The Sultan’s Eyes”, stolen from the internet.