Christmas present ideas from pinknantucket press contributors! Today: @jenny_sinclair

Writer Jenny Sinclair wrote a beautiful piece for Materiality: TIME about clocks – actual and biological. She also wrote something for the first issue of Crank: “Sources of annoyance at music festivals”, with which any festival-goer will identify. But she has ALSO written whole actual books! When we think about Melbourne (RRP $35, Affirm Press) investigates what makes Melbourne so Melbourne-y. A Walking Shadow tells the story of Edward Oxford, who at 18 tried to kill Queen Victoria and then spent 25 years in the Bedlam asylum. After his release, he was exiled to Australia. Published by Arcade and only $20, it makes an excellent stocking stuffer. Why not buy them from those nice folks at Melbournalia? Local goods for local people! (And non-locals).

Artist's impression of Edward Oxford's attempt to shoot Queen Victoria (image from

Artist’s impression of Edward Oxford’s attempt to shoot Queen Victoria (image from