Lucky dip New Year’s resolutions—a list

Pick a number, any number (as long as it’s between 1 and 55). Then look down the list to find your lucky dip resolution. (A bit after the fact, I know, but I wanted to keep a list of them somewhere and here is as good as any).

  1. Read a book by Jon Ronson
  2. Make a zine
  3. Bake bread
  4. Write a letter to an MP about an issue you care about
  5. Buy some nice new pajamas
  6. Get your good knives sharpened
  7. Read a new comic book
  8. Make something from a neglected cookbook
  9. Learn how to grown coriander successfully
  10. Read a book by Kurt Vonnegut
  11. Watch “The Returned” (a French TV series)
  12. Cook something using chipotle peppers
  13. Learn how to play backgammon
  14. Learn how to make a decent paper plane
  15. Buff your nails so they are shiny
  16. Listen to a song by every band on one of Pitchfork’s Top 10 lists
  17. Learn how to crochet a new granny square block
  18. Learn what makes eggs coloured and patterned
  19. Keep your important digital data backed up somewhere offsite
  20. Learn how to prune roses properly
  21. Polish your shoes
  22. Read a book by Margaret Atwood
  23. Buy and use a furminator (for pet owners)
  24. Enrol in an art class (or at least try drawing things around the house)
  25. Have people over to play board games
  26. Figure out a secure way to provide a friend or relative with access to your online accounts in case of an emergency
  27. Do something nice for your microbiota
  28. Practice another language (classes, conversation or via app)
  29. Try to understand this whole Bitcoin business
  30. Learn to braid your hair
  31. Watch a series of a show you are behind in (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Justified, The Wire, Damages, Top of The Lake, Orphan Black, The Thick of It etc etc etc etc)
  32. Figure out how the US came back from the whole McCarthy era thing
  33. Plan a theoretical three-month holiday anywhere in the world, including modes of transport
  34. Go for a walk in the bush
  35. Review your online password strategies and update as necessary
  36. Write a thank you letter to someone
  37. Make some space in your stationery drawer by sending a whole bunch of cards/letters
  38. Print some photos (individual prints or in a photobook) – don’t forget to record who’s in them
  39. Conduct a chocolate taste test to compare the qualities of at least three different brands
  40. Get a massage
  41. Read a book by Jeanette Winterson
  42. Grow a vegetable
  43. Learn how to identify local skink types
  44. Have people over for scones
  45. Get rid of all your underpants that have dodgy elastic
  46. Go to an art exhibition
  47. Play a new videogame and also find out if they’re still called videogames
  48. Enter a competition (of any kind)
  49. Read a book by Charles Dickens
  50. Try at least three types of gin you’ve never tried before
  51. Plant some herbs
  52. Read a book by Doris Lessing
  53. Mess around with a musical instrument
  54. Learn a poem by heart
  55. Read up on different types of rocks and then see if can identify one you find on a walk
You may take a friend on your walk in the bush (sorry I don't know where this photo came from, but it isn't mine)

You may take a friend on your walk in the bush (sorry I don’t know where this photo came from, but it isn’t mine)