Call for submissions—Materiality: SURFACE (fiction essay image verse, due March 31).

Materiality: PRECIOUS is nearly at the printers, so it must be time to call for submissions for the mid-year issue!

Materiality: SURFACE will feature essays, interviews, images, stories and verse about the material surfaces we touch every day—silk, cement, grass, skin, water, sand, paint, packaging, carpet, asphalt…the list goes on.

Prose submissions can be 500-3,000 words and should emphasize or be inspired by our material culture, matter, the physical and tangible. Pitch us your ideas! ( Submissions are paid, but only token amounts ($10-30, depending on length etc). Contributors also receive a copy of the magazine. Please submit pieces in plain text or as a word document, without formatting. Images are best sent as tiffs or high-resolution jpgs (300dpi at least, or at least 1MB in size). Most images in Materiality are printed in black and white (but we can do the conversion). Submissions due by 31 March.

The theme of Materiality No. 5 (out late 2014) will be FAKE (teeth, paintings, fur, tortoiseshell etc) so, if you have any ideas lurking about that could fit that theme, please get in touch!

Thanks to everyone for your support to date. By the way if you’d like to purchase (or encourage someone else to purchase) a copy of Materiality: BOOK or Materiality: TIME (and soon Materiality: PRECIOUS) please head over to the pinknantucket press shop.

Glass - a surface between you and the view.

Glass – a surface between you and the view (or you and the brew).