Yayyyy it’s Materiality: PRECIOUS, onsale now! Only 15 smackeroos!

Well it took a bit longer to get to press than I’d anticipated, but Materiality: PRECIOUS is now out in the world. Hurrah!

This issue of Materiality examines the relationship between precious things and our identity—cultural and personal. Read about gold mining and selling, the lost thylacine, love letters, illuminated manuscripts, a broken doll, Japanese lacquer, saffron, trash vs treasure and interviews with a jeweller, a luthier and a gemmologist. Plus there’s a special zine in the back pocket! (This one by the excellent @WritingJordi).

How has the world been changed in our thirst for gold, for jewels, for fur and spice and feathers? Mike Pottenger and Kate Haycock address our relationship with gold in When everything gold was new again and Three grams per tonne. Em Hart charts the progress of our most valuable spice, saffron, in The golden thread. Other objects embody our memories of places, times and loved ones. Susan Long writes about the power of the photograph in Memory objects; Tom Dullemond reflects on lovers past in Fragments. The loss of precious things is central to short stories by Kate Whitfield (Endling), Mike Lynch (The Faithful Alchemist) and Anna Ryan-Punch (Delivery Day).

All this and more await you between Materiality’s pages. Contributors to this issue include Shoshanna Beale, Graham Caldermsmith, Sarah Caldwell, Alice Cannon, Tom Dullemond, Kelly Gardiner, Grant Hamid, Em Hart, Kate Haycock, Savina Hopkins, Jordi Kerr, Susan Long, Mike Lynch, Mike Pottenger, Jane Ruljancich, Anna Ryan-Punch, Harry Saddler, Suzi Shaw, Anna Welch, Kate Whitfield and Zoe Vogels. The lovely cover illustration is by Gracia Haby of gracia+louise.

The hard copy of Materiality: PRECIOUS is $15, the digital version is $4.99. As always, if you purchase the hard copy you’ll also receive download links for pdf, epub and mobi formats. Hop on over to the pinknantucket press shop!


Materiality: PRECIOUS, hot off the press!

Materiality: PRECIOUS, hot off the press!

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