Stop dilly-dallying and buy CRANK Issue 3 now!

As you are no doubt aware, CRANK is a magazine in which you can air petty annoyances, obscure conspiracy theories and general arguments about what is wrong with the world. Issue 3 features a discussion on the most appropriate default position for certain conveniences in a multisex environment, an argument for anatomical correctness of animated cows, a plea to forego use of the “-porn” suffix, nostalgia for the light switches of days of yore, swimming pool etiquette and more! Buy it now, pedants! Very limited edition.

If you purchase a hard copy you will also receive download links for the digital version (pdf, epub, mobi). What an amazing bargain so no complaints from you thank you very much. Go over the shop right now and buy a copy for yourself and a copy for a friend and a copy for your foks. You can also buy it just as a digital download if you’re in to that sort of thing.

As ever, give thought to any topics you may like to contribute to future editions of CRANK.

Image by @spikelynch.

Image by @spikelynch.

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