Pre-order Materiality: SURFACE through our Pozible campaign! Yeah!

We’ve put together a Pozible campaign to print Materiality: SURFACE. You can pre-order your digital and hard copy versions, or, if you’re after something a bit more you can sign up to be a pinknantucket press subscriber, friend or patron! (To get newsletters, zines, extra copies of Materiality, random prints etc). Also please do let us know if you know anyone who might like to advertise with us.

Materiality is a themed journal about our physical world, featuring fiction, essay, verse and images. In this issue you will find stories about a cement monster, articles about asphalt, chenille and books bound in human skin, interviews with electroplater Tom Lynch and Melbourne artist Theo Strasser, pictures of insect spiracles and tattoos, and many more things besides.

If we raise more than our target, the extra will go towards increasing our contributor payments, which (it must be said) are very small at present. If we raise an extra $600 we should be able to double our contributor fees. We might also be able to include a bit of colour, which would be very exciting.

So get on over to the Materiality: SURFACE Pozible! (Don’t watch the daggy video).

We burn boats

The cover art for Materiality: SURFACE by Melbourne artist Rod Gray.