Announcing Materiality: FAKE

Seeing as SURFACE is nearly with us it seems a good time to start thinking about the next issue of Materiality. The theme is FAKE.

The possibilities are endless: replica gold nuggets, fake teeth, counterfeit currency, creative taxidermy, doctored photographs, imitation amber and ivory. Or perhaps you have a tale of the material clues that lead to the detection of faked paintings, diaries, maps or other objects.

Some fakes are meant to deceive, others we purchase full knowing they aren’t the real thing. Sometimes a counterfeit may be materially nearly identical to the original—does it really matter to us who made it, or when? In other cases the deception is easier to detect—so why do we purchase counterfeit designer handbags and watches when anyone who would care can tell they aren’t the real thing? Counterfeit isn’t even limited to high-end goods—someone somewhere has gone to the trouble of making counterfeit UHU gluesticks! Why?

Another slant on the theme is the functional fake—prosthetics, organs, artificial knees and hips. From peg legs to running blades: how have material developments changed how our disabled or injured bodies can function?

Submissions are due March 31, 2015.  Article and story lengths are typically between 500-3,000 words. Poetry, images and photographs also welcome. Images should be at least 1MB in size and 300dpi. Drop us a line if you’d like to talk over an idea.

Not the real Mona Lisa

Not the real Mona Lisa


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