Speaking scars, #4


Photo 1 – This is Marty Shrubland. He is a landscaper, 4ZZZ DJ, BobKat Driver, committed skateboarder (and about 20 other things) from New Zealand. Lives in East Brisbane, Qld. Marty has a lot of tattoos, all of which relate to New Zealand and the majority of which are birds.


Photo 2. What: Marty’s most recent tat. ‘It is a Pukeko, a waterhen native to NZ’. Why: ‘I just really like birds and New Zealand. While I live here I can have the New Zealand birds with me. Who: The tattoo artist is Chris Benzecon.

3-Goodnight Kiwi_500

Photo 3. What: ‘Goodnight Kiwi’. Why: ‘It’s a reminder of New Zealand TV and the cartoon that played every night when TV shut down. Google it.’

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