Speaking scars, #5

This week on the pinknantucket press blog we’ve been exploring some of the reasons people get tattoos—once called ‘speaking scars’, by the 19th century forensic scientist Alexandre Lacassagne. Today’s tattoo belongs to Joanna Durst.


Engaged thrice, married twice, pregnant twice, delivered once. At 35 I had a little bubby, Zoe, and I figured that by this time, I knew what Commitment meant. It was time for a forever tattoo.

So I went to the local parlour in Footscray and chose an image that meant something to me. I feel very Australian and I love the bush so I settled on a small gumnut / flower / leaf combo with flecks of yellow and red.

A few weeks later, I woke to find my daughter had died overnight.

Bloody forever tattoo.