Speaking scars, #6

In the lead up to Materiality: SURFACE we’re taking some time to admire some tattoos, here on the blog. Today’s tattoo belongs to Josie Steele, who works in film and TV, and will work on your short film if there’s catering.


My tattoo is three illustrations from Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, one of my very favourite books (and book series). They’ve been modified slightly so they look nice together, but not too much.

I’ve always loved tattoos, and had been thinking for a long time about what I would be happy to have on my skin forever. I went with something that I love and that I thought would look beautiful, but there’s not really any deep and profound meaning attached to it. The polar bear and the hare are a couple of my favourite characters from the book, the cat is mostly because I really like cats.

Materiality: SURFACE is at the printers and will be available soon on the pinknantucket press shop—you could pre-order a copy, for only $15 + postage! And why stop there? Take care of all your Christmas shopping today and purchase copies for all your friends and family!