Deadline for FAKE submissions extended to 31 May

On account of us not having done nearly enough nagging and arm-twisting and preparatory work, the deadline for submissions for Materiality: FAKE has been extended until 31 May.

We do have some interesting topics in the pipeline already, however—mythical animals, insect mimicry, artificial hearts, strange ancient Egyptian manuscripts, wigs, and others.

No fiction lined up as yet, though. Perhaps you might like to write something…?

Essays and short stories can be anything form 500-3,000 words, for a general audience. Poetry, illustrations, comics and photo essays are also very welcome. [NB there is likely to only be a limited colour pages in the printed edition). Submissions should consider a material aspect of the concept of FAKE—either quite literally, such as how material analysis has been used detect forgeries, or how material and technological developments have allowed us to falsify and imitate and perhaps even improve on the original. You might also like to explore the psychological or social aspects of fakes and forgery—desire, possession, aspiration, greed, embarrassment, naivety etc—but there still needs to be a material basis there somewhere, somehow.

Accepted submissions are paid, but not very much—$10-30 per submission, depending on length, though last year we were able to double these amounts due to the success of our Kickstarter pre-order.

If you’re keen and would like to sound out an idea, please get in touch via chiefnantucket at gmail. If you haven’t written for Materiality before please familiarise yourself with what we’re about—maybe even read a previous edition! (A wild idea, I know). Back issues are available via the pinknantucket press shop, in hard copy and digital formats. Some pieces have also appeared on this blog, so feel free to go for a browse…

Not the real Mona Lisa

Not the real Mona Lisa.