News from pinknantucket press—Materiality: FAKE is here!

It’s been rather a long time coming…but finally Materiality: FAKE is good to go, and we hope you will find much to enjoy.

We’ve changed the format of Materiality this time round: everything can be read online at our newly revamped pinknantucket press site (go to the folder FAKE) AND it can be downloaded as a series of pdf booklets, to be printed out, read on the bus, and left lying about your local cafe. These can be found as free downloads at the pinknantucket press shop.

If you enjoy FAKE, please do spread it around! Below are some of the cover images from our nine Materiality: FAKE booklets, so you can see there’s lots of lovely things to look at as well as to read.


FAKE Part IV contains previously undiscovered work by PG Wodehouse AND Stephen Sondheim!


In FAKE Part II a young man travels a perilous path in search of an authentic Pacman iPod charging station

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