We’re the publishers of Materiality, a journal about the material world, Crank (think an extended version of an obscure letters to the Editor page) and The Eye of the Tiger Omnibus.

All contributors to pinknantucket press publications receive a copy of the relevant publication. For Materiality and the Omnibus, we also pay contributors. Not much – at the moment, only $AU10-30 per piece. Shorter pieces (up to about 1000 words or one page) are paid $10, medium pieces $20 (1000-2000 words or up to three pages) and longer pieces $30 (2000+ words or more than three pages).

  • Materiality is published in June and December, with due dates for copy at the end of March and September. Dimensions: 265 x 200mm (h x w). ISSN: 2201-1544
  • Crank is published in March and September, with due dates for copy at the end of December and June. Dimensions: A5, 210 x 148mm (h x w). ISSN: 2201-3946
  • The Eye of the Tiger is most likely a one-off publication. Submissions for this publication have closed. Publication expected in early 2013. ISBN: [978-0-9874660-0-6]

Contact the editor at chiefnantucket at gmail.com.

Postal address: PO Box 21121 , Little Lonsdale Street , Melbourne, VIC 8011

pinknantucket press was established in 2011.

ABN: 81 855 195 192