The Eye of the Tiger

Just what you’ve always wanted – an omnibus of new stories, poems, images and other creative work, all inspired by the phrase “the eye of the tiger”!

Perhaps you might write a short story or creative non-fiction work about the tiger’s eye marble you lost in primary school, the changing fortunes of the Richmond Tigers football team or being in a garage band, out on the street? A comic about struggling boxers or ninja pizza-eating stripy cats? A poem about how tigers, tigers, are nearly out of sight? (ie extinct). A song about a someone born in the Year of the Tiger, or a sports coach who kept calling you “tiger” and really got on your nerves? Photographs of tiger-themed graffiti or dioramas?

Anything is possible.

Submissions for the inaugural omnibus are now closed. The omnibus should be available in early 2013, in both hard copy and digital versions. If there are any profits, they’ll be donated to a World Wildlife Fund project to save the tiger from extinction.

If you have any burning ideas for a subsequent omnibus, please drop me a line at chiefnantucket (at)

We’re still working out the publishing details, but the omnibus should be available in early 2014. At this stage we’re planning to print a limited number of hard copies (perhaps 300) and to make the omnibus available digitally.

Look into his eyes…